The School Day

The school day begins officially at 9am each day. However, our doors are opened from 8.45am each day to allow children to flow into classrooms calmly and settle to a task straight away. There are adults on each door to meet and greet the children and provide an opportunity for parents/carers to share news, ask questions of just have a chat. However, in the light of COVID-19, we are asking that face-to face conversations between staff and parents are kept to a minimum and any parent or carer wishing to have a more detailed conversation with an adult, should do so by requesting a telephone call at a convenient time.There is usually also a senior leader available at the front of the building on most days.The classroom doors are then closed at 9am and any children arriving after that time must enter through the main entrance.

For Nursery children, their daily session finsishes at 12pm and they exit the building from the Foundation Stage door at the front of the building.

For everybody else, the school day ends at either 3pm or 3.15pm and children leave school from a variety of exits around the building, following the one way system as they exit the building.

In school we have an internal buzzer system that gently reminds children about transition points throughout the day. The school day is organised as follows:

9am - 9.15am - Registration 

9.15am - 10.30am - Lesson 1 (Maths)

10.30am -10.45am - Morning Break Time

10.45am - 12pm - Lesson 2 (English)

12pm - 1pm - Lunchtime

1pm -2.30pm - Lesson 3 (Topic)

2.30pm - 2.45pm - Afternoon Break Time (Foundation Stage/KS1 only)

2.45pm - 3.15pm - Preparing for home time.

3pm/3.15pm - Home time.

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