School Uniform

At Astmoor Primary School, we expect all children to wear a school uniform. However, we aim to keep the cost of uniform as low as possible whilst maintaining a smart look. All uniform items can be bought at low cost in major supermarkets and shops. The only items we insist are purchased from school are our school ties. We have a small supply of blue shirts available to buy new directly from school. We also stock a number of items containng the school logo which can be bought directly from school. Our uniform prices can be found in the document below. Please contact the school office for further information about uniform items.

At the front of school, we also have a great selection of second-hand uniform items which are free to take for all families. Please do come and have a look at what is available. We also appreciate donations of good-quality used uniform items which we can re-distribute to other families.

Our school uniform is:


  • A navy blue sweatshirt/cardigan (with or without the school logo)

  • A sky blue shirt (no polo T-shirts)

  • School tie

  • Grey trousers/skirt/pinafore

  • Grey socks/grey tights (white ankle socks in the summer for girls)

  • Dark,sensible shoes – not trainers

  • A light blue gingham dress in the summer


Our PE kit is:

  • Dark shorts

  • White t-shirt (with or without the school logo)

  • Black pumps

  • Trainers and warmer clothing may be required during the colder months

  • Swimming kits are required for junior children. Parents will be informed about this in a separate letter.

 PE kits are an essential item and children should have them in school at all times. Letters may be sent home reminding parents if children do not have a kit in school.


For obvious health and safety reasons we encourage children NOT to wear jewellery of any kind. Earrings pose a particular risk and should be avoided if possible. However, if they are to be worn, please ensure that they are only very small studs and they should be removed before PE lessons. We accept no responsibility for any personal items that are lost or stolen during the school day.

 Personal Belongings

As you can imagine, school is a very busy place and from time to time things get lost. It is therefore vital that your child’s clothing is labelled clearly with their name. We ask children not to bring any items of value into school, as there is always the chance that they could be lost.

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