Our school curriculum is organised into half-termly, whole-school themes. They are planned on a two year cycle. When planning our themes, we consult with the children in order to find out what they are interested in and what they want to learn about. We also take account of our school community and locality and find genuine links with Global Issues that we feel are important for our children to learn about. Some themes will be more heavily weighted towards a particular curriculum subject than others but full coverage of the national curriculum is balanced over a two year cycle.

Within the school year, we also plan alternative enrichment days whic are opportunities for the teachers and children to follow differnt structures for the day whilst learning new skills and engaging in unique learning experiences.

For each theme, parents and carers are sent an overview of the things that their children will be exploring, learning about and experiencing. This overview helps parents and carers to see how they can support their child's learning within each theme. These overviews can also be found on the class pages of this website.

The organisation of the curriculum for our Foundation Stage curriculum is slightly different due to the age of the children and the style of learning that takes place. Where it is appropriate, links are made to the wider themes that are being taught throughout school but many of the learning opportunities within Foundation Stage are led by the children's own interests.

2019 - 2020 Curriculum Themes

1. The Wonderful World of Water

2. Our United Kingdom

3. Special People, Special Places

4. Books, Stories and Authors

5. Our Beautiful World

6. Animal Antics


2020 - 2021 Curriculum Themes

1. Happy and Healthy

2. Let's Celebrate

3. When Things Go Wrong

4. Houses and Homes

5. Wings, Wheels and Waves

6. The Rainbow Nation


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