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KS2 Results 2019

In 2016, the government made sweeping changes to the way that all children are assessed and tested and how this is reported to parents. The new system is called 'Assessment without Levels'. Children are no longer judged to be working at numerical levels such as 4b or 2a but instead are assessed as to whether they have reached the expected level for the year group they are currently in. At the end of KS2 therefore children were judged to be either working at the 'expected' level, 'at greater depth' (meaning above the expected level) or working 'towards' the expected level. It is important to point out also that the expectations for 'expected' levels rose significantly in 2016. Due to the change in systems, the results for 2016 cannot, and should not be compared to previous years.


% KS2 children Reaching Expected Standard

Subject Astmoor Halton National
GPS 79% 74.5% 78%
Reading 75% 69.7% 73.1%
Writing 63% 75.5% 78.4%
Maths 67% 75.1% 78.6%
RWM (combined) 50% 59.7% 64.8%


% KS2 children Reaching Higher Standard

Subject Astmoor Halton National
GPS 13% 29.8% 35.7%
Reading 33% 21.6% 26.9%
Writing 17% 19.4% 20.1%
Maths 21% 20.9% 26.9%
RWM Combined 13% 8.9% 10.5%


Progress Measures

  Astmoor Halton National
Reading +3.46 -0.14 0.02
Writing +0.71 0.47 0.05
Maths -0.34 -0.32 0.03



Scaled Scores

Reading - 105.9

GPS - 104.3

Maths - 103.0


For more information  regarding our achievement and attainment performance please follow this link to the Department For Education Website.

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