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Halton Local Authority is the admission authority for all Community and Voluntary Controlled schools in Halton. The Halton Borough Council's website has a range of information for residents of both Runcorn and Widnes. Details regarding how to apply for a Reception and/or Secondary place,  the over subscription criteria used when the school has more applications than places available, and further information regarding the admissions process, can be found by following this link:       


You may also find the following information of interest to you:


If you wish to apply by paper you can get a form by contacting the school admissions team or by visiting  any of theHalton Direct Link Offices

Reception Admissions for September 2018 - (Reception Admissions Number - 25 children, Whole school 175)

Parents and carers of children born between 01/09/2013 and 31/08/2014 living in Halton are now invited to apply for a primary school place in September 2018. The deadline to apply for a primary school place in September 2018 is Monday 15th January 2018.

Secondary Admission for September 2018

Parents and carers of Year 6 children (born between 01/09/2006 and 31/08/2007) living in Halton are now invited to apply for a secondary school place in September 2018. The deadline to apply for a secondary school place in September 2018 is Tuesday 31st October 201


Please don't be late as this can affect your chances of being offered your preference school.  


In-Year Admissions - Change of School

For the Academic Year 2017-18, parents/carers wishing to apply for a place outside of the normal intake round in September, or for a place in all other year groups, should read the appropriate guidance notes below:


Once you have read the appropriate notes, if you still wish to make an application, you should contact  school on 01928 565053 requesting a Common Application Form (CAF) or alternatively you can download and complete the appropriate form below and return it directly to school:

 Please find below our welcome pack and most recent Ofsted report to download, if you require a hard copy or would like to make an appointment to view the school please contact school directly on 01928 565053

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