Our school meals are provided by Halton's School Meal Service. Diane Maycock is our school cook and is always more than happy to speak to parents about any concerns or special dietary requirements. The best time to speak to Diane is usually at the beginning of the school day. School meals are planned using a 4 week menu cycle so parents are able to see what the options will be each day. Menus are sent home regularly from school but parents can download a copy of the menu here School Meals Menu 2017 If you require a paper copy please contact school directly.

At the start of the school day, children choose their menu option for the day (red or blue option). They then wear a red or blue wrist band when they go into the dining room. This really helps things to flow smoothly. The third (and final) option each day is a jacket potato with a choice of fillings. If you have checked the menu with your child and don't feel that they will enjoy anything on offer, then a packed lunch from home might be appropriate. However, we encourage the children to try new things all the time and supervision levels in the hall are always high. If we are in any way concerned that your child is not eating enough, we will let you know and work with you to find a solution.

The cost of a school meal is £2.40 and we advise parents to place money in a clearly labelled envelope. Pre-printed envelopes are available from the school office at £1 per 100 bundle. Paying for school meals in advance is advisable as it reduces the likelihood of problem. School meals can also be paid by cheques made out to Halton Borough Council.

Free School Meals

Whilst all children in Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to receive a free school meal under the Universal Free School Meal entitlement, parents and carers are strongly encouraged to also complete a free school meal application form as each child eligible for a Free School Meal based upon parental income attracts a “Pupil Premium” for the School which is provided by Central Government and equates to a cash amount for your child’s School.  This is then used to support children’s education through the provision of additional support and resources at the School.   For further information please go up to Halton Direct Link or ringing The Student Services Team on 0151 511 7188.

Packed Lunches

Children at Astmoor also have the option of bringing a packed lunch from home. All the children eat their lunches together in the dining room so there is no segregation according to the type of meal they are having. We promote healthy eating at Astmoor and therefore ask that packed lunches reflect this. The following websites provide further information and advice about healthy eating.