Our School Curriculum

Our curriculum is organised into half-termly, whole school themes. They are planned on a two year cycle. In planning our themes, we consult with the children in order to find out what they are interested in and what they want to learn about. We also take account of our school community and locality and find genuine links with Global Issues that we feel are important for our children to learn about. Some themes will be more heavily weighted towards a particular curriculum area than others but full curriculum coverage is balanced out over the course of the two year cycle.

Within the school year, we also plan additional  alternative 'Enrichment weeks and days'. These are opportunities for teachers and children to move away from their usual timetable, develop new skills and engage in new opportunities. During these weeks, we often have visitors coming into school offering specialised expertise.

For each theme, parents are sent an overview of the things that their children will be exploring, learning about and experiencing. This overview also helps parents to see how they can support their child's learning within the theme. Overviews are displayed on each classroom window and are also available to view on each class page of the website.

The organisation of the Foundation Stage Curriculum is slightly different due to the age of the children and style of learning that takes place. Where it is appropriate, they will link to the wider themes that the rest of the school are following but much of their learning opportunities are led by the children's own interests.

2017-18 Curriculum Themes       

  1. The Wonderful World of Water
  2. Our United Kingdom
  3. Special People, Special Places
  4. Books, Stories and Authors
  5. Our Beautiful World
  6. Animal Antics

2018 - 19 Curriculum Themes

  1. Happy and Healthy
  2. Let's Celebrate
  3. When Things Go Wrong
  4. Houses and Homes
  5. Wings, Wheels and Waves
  6. The Rainbow Nation


National Curriculum 2014

In September 2014, the Government introduced a new National Curriculum to all maintained schools in the country. Our new themes reflect this curriculum as well as reflecting the needs of our children and community. Whilst we organise our curriculum into themes, there is progression from one year group to the next across the curriculum to ensure progress and appropriate challenge. The tables below show for each subject area, what the expectation and content is for each year group.



Design and technology



Modern foreign languages


Physical edication