Parent Courses

From time to time, we will offer courses to our parents to help support skills such as: reading, writing, phonics and maths. Please feel free to come and  join in. 

Family Maths Morning

Last year, our Reception class teacher, Mrs Davies, and maths champion, Miss Leach, organised a family maths morning for parents and children in our Nursery and Reception classes. Parents were invited to come in every Wednesday morning to be involved in a range of activities that supported their child’s learning.

The focus was maths, but teachers, parents and children got involved in a variety of activities inside and outside the classroom. We went on a number hunt, made our own adding machines, played giant snakes and ladders and even baked some delicious cookies. We really showed the value of learning through play!

Parent’s comments:

What have you enjoyed or found useful?

"I have found this course really useful. It has given me ideas to use at home."

"I have taken away games and activities that help my child with his maths skills."

"My child has enjoyed being able to join in with myself within the school setting."

"Everything. I enjoyed the whole lot and the focus on the children. Found loads of new ways to help my children with maths skills. I am also happy with the way my child learns and progresses."

"‘I have really enjoyed learning how the children learn number and shape and how learning progresses each year. I have found the tools of teaching number helpful and fun."

Keep checking the website for further information about parent workshops and courses.