Breakfast Club

We operate a very popular Breakfast Club each morning from 8am onwards. There is no fee for attending the club as long as children buy their breakfast from school. There are two breakfast club supervisors to support the children when they arrive and to organise activities such as games, children's TV, bingo, X box and craft activities.

Parents are also very welcome to come to breakfast club and we find that many enjoy having a coffee with other parents whilst their children are having breakfast and busy playing. At approximately 8.45 am, the children begin to disperse to their classrooms where teachers are waiting and ready for them.

If you would like your child to attend breakfast club please contact the school office.

Prices for Breakfast
Toast - 25p
Cereal and Milk - 60p
Fruit Yoghurt - 40p
Fruit - 25p
Milk - 25p                                                                                                                                                                          
Pure Fruit Juice - 25p
Milk Shake - 40p


 Parent's comments                                                                                                                            

Allows for our child to be cared for in a safe environment amongst friends prior to school. This allows my husband and I to start work at the correct time” 

“Breakfast club is a fantastic help on the days my child’s nan can’t take them to school while im at work"

“Breakfast club is helping my child grow in confidence and helping him mix more”

“My children are in different schools so I can drop off and get the other children in on time”

“Astmoor have provided a fantastic service to families with a breakfast club"